OJ Simpson Blasts Dems For Failed Impeachment Attempt

(Breitbart) – O.J. Simpson wants to know what is happening in America? In fact, the “Juice” asked precisely that question on Wednesday night, when trying to decipher the latest impeachment attempt by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

“I get home and I’m watching politics and I see where this one party pushed a measure to the floor that they knew they couldn’t pass — that would’ve made them look divided, which they did,” Simpson wrote on Twitter. “The other party looked like a team, like they were totally together. They all voted the same way.”

“Maybe whoever pushed this is a double agent. I don’t know,” Simpson added.


As Breitbart’s Kristina Wong reports:

The House voted 332-95 to postpone a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Trump on Wednesday, exposing a continuing division among Democrats over whether to impeach the president.

All Republicans, except for three not voting, voted to table the resolution, while 137 Democrats and one Independent — Rep. Justin Amash (MI) – voted along with them.

The vote delivered a decisive defeat to the 95 Democrats who voted for the resolution to proceed. It was also a victory for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who has argued that any attempt to impeach Trump would likely end in failure and strengthen Trump.

While Simpson has only been on Twitter for little over a month, he’s already gained over 857,000 followers.

The former NFL running back was acquitted of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Simpson was, however, found legally responsible for their deaths in a subsequent civil trial.