Trump’s Favorite Memesmith Claims He’s About To Be Outed By BuzzFeed

( – The President’s personal favorite meme maker, Carpe Donktum, has shared that BuzzFeed has done a background check on him and is considering doxxing him and his family.

Trump frequently retweets Carpe Donktun’s memes, including a recent gem following the Democratic debate, when Trump tweeted a video Carpe Donktum had created which mocked the technical problems MSNBC had had during the debate.

Trump also previously retweeted and even pinned to his profile a video mash-up of the State of the Union which featured the opening few minutes of the president’s speech to the song “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. and all the sad faces of Democrats.

This week, he shared what BuzzFeed is trying to do to him and his family.

“Just a friendly Heads Up, @BuzzFeed is currently in the midst of a moral dilemma about whether or not they should Dox me and my family,” tweeted Carpe Donktum, whose real name is not known to the public.

“An act that is now a commonly used arrow in the quiver of the MSM, I have respectfully asked that they respect my wishes.”

“I have spoken with a reporter from Buzzfeed and they claim to have found my private Facebook profile, run a background check on me, and are prepared to release my name to the public, despite finding that I have no criminal background, nor is there any Newworthy [sic] reason to do so,” he explained further.

“I have explained to them that this morally reprehensible act would put not only myself in very real danger, but my family who are VERY MUCH private citizens,” he said, adding, “While I realize that I have become somewhat of a public figure, my family are not.”

The meme-maker went on to say that he had wanted to remain anonymous and that BuzzFeed’s threats are a form of “harassment.”

“In the current political climate, I have been very lucky that MANY MSM outlets have respected my wishes to remain anonymous. This move from Buzzfeed is just the most recent in a long history of lesser outlets being used as launch point for harassment. MSM will follow suit.”

Clearly, BuzzFeed has singled out Carpe Donktum after he attended last week’s White House summit.

Last month, Facebook shared the private data of the creator of a viral meme depicting Nancy Pelosi in an unflattering way, speaking slower than she had in the original clip, of all things, to the Daily Beast’s Kevin Poulsen, himself a convicted hacker. Poulsen subsequently doxxed the creator of the video, Shawn Brooks.

Last year, when Trump shared a meme of himself body slamming a wrestler with “CNN” for a face, the butthurt network threatened to dox the creator of that meme.

Last month, the Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft predicted, “Carpe Donktum is quickly becoming Trump’s favorite meme creator on the Internet. Look for the left to out them, dox them and destroy his life.”

He was on to something, unfortunately.