Silicon Valley Taking Inspiration From Sci-Fi Movie For New Tech In Development

( – When many Hollywood creative types develop sci-fi films where people become enslaved to developments in technology, the stories are usually done as a cautionary tale, a warning that if we aren’t careful, the things we own will eventually come to own us.

Yet, for whatever reason, folks in the tech industry seem to think these stories and gadgets and devices contained therein are supposed to be sources of inspiration. Which might be why Silicon Valley technology companies are creating things like artificial reality that could turn the future of our real world into a dystopian nightmare like The Matrix.

This is seriously spooky, folks.

Old-Thinker News has the details:

As reported by Fast Company, Silicon Valley is developing augmented reality technology based on a 2012 science fiction film called Sight.

Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo, the film’s creators, have been working for several years with a Silicon Valley based firm. As Fast Company reports:

“For three years, the two found their footing as the in-house concept studio for Silicon Valley-based Meta, a burgeoning AR firm that was building its own headset.

“While we were working at Meta, [the company] developed AR guidelines. Some of them were actually based on Sight,” Lazo says.

Last year, Amazon’s “digital assistant” Alexa was incorporated into augmented reality glasses by Vuzix Corp.

In an advanced form of Plato’s cave, augmented reality involves digital information about real physical locations, products, and people displayed on various devices.

The technology is part of a trend among tech giants to introduce the idea of a heads up display method of interacting with the digital world, with contact lenses and brain chips the inevitable end goal. Hollywood films and video games have pushed this concept on the public for many years now.

Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook are all heavily investing in and developing products that will plunge users into a new “augmented” reality that is superimposed over our real world.

Can’t we just enjoy the real world around us without being plugged in to some sort of piece of technology? What happened to going for walks in the woods or on the beach and just soaking in the warmth of the sun, feeling close to the created world? What happened to just going to see the sights this beautiful world has to offer and just basking in their glory?

Interpersonal relationships have taken a heavy beat down thanks to the advent of the smartphone and people’s obsession with constantly being plugged in, but what’s worse is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s not hard to imagine a world like the one in Ready Player One where everyone lives their lives plugged into a virtual world rather than in the real world.

And of course, forces like the U.S. government would never allow something like this to take place without having a hand in it and using it as some sort of tool to oppress the people and take more power from them.

This is not the direction technological advancement should head in.