San Diego City Council: Guns Must Be Locked Or Disabled In Homes

An Israeli man buys a gun in a weapon shop near the West Bank Jewish settlement of Givat Zeev, Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015. Jerusalem's mayor, caught on video last week with a gun slung over his shoulder while visiting a Palestinian neighborhood, made no apologies Friday for the display of force. He said he's helping keep his city safe. Store owners have said sales of guns and pepper spray are soaring. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty)

(Breitbart) – The San Diego City Council voted six to two Monday for an ordinance saying gun owners must lock up their firearms or disable them in the home.

Fox 5 reports that the council’s six Democrat members all voted for the gun control, which is designed to force firearms to be locked up or be disabled even if no minors are present in the home.

ABC 10 reports that gun owners cannot legally store their firearms in just any lockbox, but they must be in a “Department of Justice-approved lockbox.” No indication was given for how much a DOJ approved lockbox will cost.

Opponents of the ordinance pointed out that locking up a gun or disabling it necessarily adds to the time necessary to have a given firearm ready for a self-defense situation. NBC 7 reports that “the California Rifle and Pistol Association wrote a letter to the council last week, saying the ordinance is not enforceable, unconstitutional.”

The San Diego County Gun Owners PAC contended that the ordinance eliminated the exercise of “choice” in one’s own home.

Monday’s vote was the second of three on the gun storage measure. One more vote will be necessary to pass the gun control ordinance.

Video: San Diego City Council passes gun law