Donald Trump Celebrates Collapse Of ‘Bullsh*t’ Democrat Impeachment Vote

(Breitbart) – President Donald Trump celebrated the collapse of the Democrat effort to move impeachment proceedings forward in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

The president spoke about the vote in Congress during his rally in Greenville, North Carolina.

Trump called the failed effort the most ridiculous project he’s ever been involved in and agreed with one supporter in the crowd who called it “bullshit.”

“How stupid is that?” Trump said as the crowd of supporters cheered wildly.

Trump thanked the 137 Democrats who voted with Republicans to table the impeachment resolution brought to the floor by Rep. Al Green (D-TX), while only 95 Democrats voted in support of it.

“Many of those people who voted for us were Democrats, and I want to thank them because they did the right thing for our country,” he said, calling the effort a “sneak attack” from the left-wing “squad” in Congress.

He condemned the ongoing “witch hunt” investigation and “Russian hoax” propagated by Democrats and the establishment media.

“Bullshit!” a member of the crowd shouted.

“You said it, I won’t say it, because it’s a terrible word, so I will not say that this guy said if we didn’t have the bullshit … that’s right,” Trump continued as the crowd roared with approval.

The president highlighted the surge of economic successes during the first two and a half years of his administration.

“And they want to try and impeach, it’s a disgrace,” Trump said. “So now we have that behind us.”