Texas Dad Fighting To Stop 7-Year-Old Son’s Forced Transition And “Chemical Castration”

(TeaParty.org) – A Texas dad has found himself in the midst of a liberal induced nightmare. Jeff Younger’s ex-wife has decided that their 7-year-old son, James, really identifies as a girl and therefore Younger has been legally prohibited from raising his SON as a boy. As if this isn’t horrific enough, James is being prepared for sex change surgery and “chemical castration,” which Younger may be forced to help pay for.

What is really going on in America?! All truth and science have been thrown out the window and delusional fantasies rule all aspects of life. This is complete lunacy, not to mention child abuse. According to Younger, James behaves like a boy when he is with him and says “he wants to be a girl at his mom’s home and a boy at his dad’s home. He basically wants both his parents to love him.”

What kind of a mother forces this sick, twisted transgender ideology on her young, confused 7-year-old child? This woman is pushing to chemically mutilate her own child! It’s almost impossible to comprehend the level of depravity that must exist within this woman’s head. She started this when James was only 3-years-old. What 3-year-old has the mental capacity to decide to be the opposite gender? This is blatant and obvious child abuse and yet the courts are siding with her! Mental illness seems to be prevailing over sane, rational thinking and even truth.

Younger has been restricted by the court in the way he interacts with his own child, who his ex-wife refers to as “Luna.” As reported by RT:

The order forbids Jeff from calling his son James in front of anyone who knows him as a girl, and this significantly limits what they can do together, he told RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze.

“Basically I can’t go to a school. I keep him away from any friends he might have at school that know him as a girl, and at my home he’s known as James and I use male pronouns. What I’m prohibited from doing right now is trying to convince him that he’s actually a boy,” he said.

The court’s ruling means that Jeff, who is a religious Orthodox Christian, has to be careful when discussing his faith with his son, he said. He is also cautious about teaching James how to behave decently, so that his words cannot be interpreted as imposing a male gender identity.

The only religion anyone is allowed to openly discuss today is the religion of transgenderism. In America we supposedly have freedom of religion but yet this father, who is desperately trying to save his son, is being completely restricted from expressing his deeply held religious convictions. Convictions that would help his son find strength to resist his mother’s desperate attempts to mutilate him and force him to live a life that is a lie.

Younger is facing an uphill battle and is doing everything he can to fight for his son. He has written a book called “Save James” and started a website by the same name. Younger will need all the help he can get, especially financially. The sad truth is, he will have to win in court in order to stop the destruction of his own son. If you feel compelled, visit his website and see how you can support him in this fight.

No parent should ever have to face this kind of battle. James’ mother should be jailed on child abuse charges and never allowed to be an influence in his life ever again. In the sane world, that would be the case but we live in 21st century, liberal-run America where common sense, truth, and facts have all been tossed in favor of feelings, sexual deviance, and lies.

Featured image credit: SaveJames.com